Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Princessa Brilliant Finish - Jolly Rancher

I picked this one up at a flea market/craft show not too long ago. I had never heard of this brand, so I wanted to grab one. Of the three colors, this was the most appealing. The others were pearl finishes, otherwise I probably would have cleaned the vendor out!

This one looks a tad greener in the bottle than it does on the nail with topcoat. When I applied topcoat, the color bled a little, so I am thinking that may be why it looks slightly more golden on the nail.

This was a huge pain when it came to photographing it, too! It wanted to come off more green than it is, so I had to adjust the color a little, which, in turn, gave me slight lobster skin in some of the pictures. The bottle shot is pretty dead-on, though. It glows a little more on film than in person, but it is very shiny, reflective, and has some of that metallic glow to it.

Other than the fact that this takes a century to dry, it is quite pretty! I definitely wouldn't mind trying out some other polishes from this brand! It only needed one coat for opacity, though I used two to be on the safe side. It was a little streaky, but nothing too terrible!
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