Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday - Disney Inspired

Did anyone else have as much trouble successfully coming up with a design for today's challenge as I did?

So why is my nail art so bland and lame for today? Well, I ended up doing three different manis trying to come up with something for today, and didn't like a single one of them.

Originally I was going with Disney 'M's. I had Minnie, Mickey, and Mike Wazowski. The fourth character was to-be-determined. Then when I started to topcoat, my red and green bled. It is hard to tell in the picture, but all of my white has an orangey-red tint to it, Minnie's head is growing mold, and Mike's white of his eye is actually pale green around the edges.

So I scraped that and decided to try out a Pocahontas-themed mani with her pet raccoon, her dress and necklace, her arm band tattoo, and some of the orange and pink leaves that float around. You see The Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc., The Lion King, and Mickey all over the place, but Pocahontas is one of the more neglected movies in the nail art world, yet one of my favorites since I have some Native American blood in me, so I went for it.

Since my paints bled on the last mani, I went with all polishes for this one, which made everything super thick and bumpy, even with lots of Seche Vite topcoat.

Aaaaaaand we have another disasticure.... 

It was actually pretty amusing because maybe two days after I attempted Pocahontas, Robin Moses posted a Pocahontas nail art video! -.- Needless to say, her's totally Trumped mine!

At this point, I'd spent a good 6 hours or more total painting, and just said screw it, I'm throwing on a holo! On went Color Club Over the Moon. I figured maybe I'd just wear it for a bit and see if something came to me. And something immediately did: Mickey Mouse silhouettes! What a great idea! So simple to create! Apparently detail and I are not getting along right now, so the simpler, the better! 


Another hour later, and I was so over Disney nails. So the Mickey dots stayed because I was ready to give Mr. Walt a piece of my mind!

The more I look at them, I suppose they're not too bad, but I still don't love them.

On a better note, tomorrow I'll have a swatch of the metallic green I used as a base for my first mani. That sucker bled pretty badly and stained my nails through two coats of base coat, but it is so pretty that it is almost worth it!

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