Monday, July 1, 2013

4th of July Cloud Mani

I did this mani back in February when I got these three colors in my Julep Maven February box, but they made me think of the Fourth when put together, so I went with a simple cloud mani using all three and saved this one for July!

It isn't a super traditional look for the holiday, but it is pretty Fourth of July-esque, I think.

The silver, Rebel, is supposed to be holographic, but it's not even trying. It isn't even as holo as the crappy, wannabe holos that China Glaze recently put out, and definitely nowhere near as amazing as the Color Club Halo Hues! But it is a pretty metallic silver!

The maroon red color with gold flecks is Joan, and the shimmery teal blue is Marion. Both gorgeous colors!

P.S. The Freedom Polymer topcoat that came in the February boxes was complete crap, too. Shrinks worse than Seche. We did not get along at all, that polish and I. I used it down to about half, and now the rest that was left in the bottle is all dried up, anyway. Worst. Topcoat. Ever.
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