Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Favorites

3. My studded design on green from when I reviewed some products from KKCenterHk. I ended up loving these teeny studs, and especially the studded heart!

2. My Twinsie Tuesday textured fishtail braid. I love textured polishes, and I love fishtail braid manis, so it was next to impossible for me to not like this one!

1. My lily nails. I amazed myself that I could even paint lilies, and I loved how they all turned out!

Since I joined Twinsie Tuesday this month, I wanted to share three manis from fellow Twinsies that were to-die-for in June!

In no particular order, I loved:

Elizabeth's corn mani from one of the TT challenges.

Amanda's textured gradient nails from a TT challenge. I'm pretty jealous, because I cannot seem to get down the textured gradient!

And Nory's gorgeous neon swirl mani that glows in the dark!

Just a side note: I am going to my mom's for about a week, so since I get comment notifications on my phone, I'll be able to reply, but it may be about a week and a half or so before I can catch up on commenting on everyone's posts; but I do have some posts scheduled for the next week here!
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