Saturday, June 1, 2013

Zoya Rainbow Gradient - Diagonal & Matted

For this gradient, I used all Zoya polishes: Dita (pink), Pippa (yellow), and Breezi (blue), all topped with a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic.

I used a sponge from one of the China Glaze Ombre sets for the gradient, and I don't like how they apply polish. It didn't blend the colors very well, I think because it was too porous, the polish soaked through really easily since they're so thin and got all over the place, and it applied the polish more splotchy than less porous sponges. I'll definitely be sticking to regular makeup sponges!

I definitely should have went with a coat of Seche or something quick-dry for these, because I went to bed and got sheet marks! Oops!

I still like how they turned out, for the most part, though!
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