Monday, June 10, 2013

butter LONDON Marrow + Embossed Gold Stickers

These stickers were THE BIGGEST PAIN EVER TO WORK WITH!!! So much so that, yes, that statements needs to be bold, underlineditalicized, and IN ALL CAPS!

I used butter LONDON Marrow, a gorgeous dusty purple, as a base, and thought these would look nice on top. I think the point of them is that you are supposed to stick them down and not use a topcoat, so they are slightly raised and have a sort of 3D look.

The centers of the stickers were pretty much fine, but there's no way I could have worn these without topcoat. In fact, even with 4 coats of Seche Vite, they were still a pain and didn't want to stay down on the edges, no matter what I did.

I wish they would have behaved, though, because they are gorgeous stickers! :\
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