Friday, June 7, 2013

Elemental Styles Skittles

I swatched these all over black. Wet'n'Wild's Black Creme to be exact. Actually I don't know if that is it's full name or not, so that's not exact... but close enough. You get the point.

These polishes are like duo-chromesque topcoats. I can't think of the appropriate word for them right now...

They are all from Elemental Styles, and they are all one coat with no topcoat:
Pinky - Chlorine Sheen
Ring - Co-bolt of Lightning
Middle - Easy Bro-mine!
Pointer - Iodine-ing Out

I'm curious, is anybody actually even reading this? Do you really care? Or are you just here to look at this craptastic picture, and leave a one-word comment in order to try and gain more traffic for your blog, hoping I'll comment back since you commented here? Hmm?

I've had this discussion with a fellow polish blogger friend, and we've deduced that hardly anyone actually reads blog posts anymore. Instagram is blowing up. I get 5+ new followers a day. But here, for both of us, comments and traffic have been pretty dwindling and lacking quite a bit over the past few months. Maybe because it is the end of a school year/the start of summer so a lot of people are busy? They aren't stuck inside all day due to the snow with nothing better to do than read nail blogs now? Who knows...

But, like I said, I'm curious as to who actually reads these rambles... Do me a favor. If you are actually reading this and plan on leaving a comment, include, somewhere in your comment, (I don't care where; beginning, middle or end, doesn't matter), one odd, random phrase: "ducks are not cows and therefore they are not purple, but penguins from Egypt like to eat cheese". Got it? 

Because seriously, if I am just talking to myself... Well I suppose I need a straitjacket then.
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