Monday, April 2, 2012

Is it a Ruby or a Diamond?

Today I have one GOOOOOOORGEOUS polish to show you!! This is another gem that I got from Ice Queen.

This is from the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms collection and it it's called Ruby Diamond. Of course, as soon as I went out to snap pictures, the sun decided it needed to hide behind a cloud in the middle of the day, for the rest of the day! -.-

Go figure, the pictures I took inside with no flash came out better in regards to showing the holo beauty that this polish is:

Considering how easy it is to detect the holo of this in real life with no effort at all, it's ridiculously difficult to pick up on camera! It's got a more subtle, prominent holo to it than I am getting.

Regardless, this is a gorgeous color with gorgeous glitter and I love it! It's like beautiful rainbows and scrumptious strawberries crammed into one, making for a dreamy wonderland!

This polish dried fairly fast. It looked good in one coat. I just preferred two because it made the pink brighter. It's not thick or streaky at all, it's got a nice liquid consistency, but isn't a cuticle-flooder. It's just lovely all around. 

The only thing I dislike is the name. Ruby Diamond, really? Common Miss Hansen, you can do better than that! For one, the color is nowhere near Ruby. For two, I like more fun names like Strawberry Flavored Rainbow or something. =P

So what do you think? Do you have any polishes from the Nail Prisms collection? I'm excited to try another one, considering how great this one is!

Buenos días. =)

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