Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wish I May, Wish I Might, Have this Wish I Wish Tonight

On YouTube, Miss80Million has a playlist full of tutorials using Bundle Monster stamping plates. I was watching some of them the other day, trying to find some nail art inspiration. 

I have done a multi-colored stamp look before, but I really love her butterfly one! It almost looks like something you'd see in Sally Hansen's Salon Effects! In fact, they do have a rainbow butterfly design (Google Sally Hansen Salon Effects Butterfly), and looking back at pictures of them now, I have no freaking idea why I never picked them up; what was wrong with me!?! They're adorable!! Anyway...

Plus, Bundle Monster is coming out with a new set of plates, and I haven't used the ones I've got for quite a while. Therefore, today's look was inspired by all of the above: Miss80Million's design, my Celebration in the Sky design, the fact that I haven't stamped in a while, and that Bundle Monster is releasing more plates (which I am extremely excited for and can't wait to get)!

I was originally going to use the whole rainbow for this stamp, but settled on just pink, blue, and yellow since they're the primary colors, however; after I did the design, I then thought to myself: self, what about doing this in secondary colors? Or some tertiary colors, even?! That'd be neat, no? It'd definitely be different than the traditional rainbow/primary color look! Alas, I don't have an orange that's good enough for stamping. Though that is a good idea, I may have to try it someday! ^.^

That's enough of that. Onward!

For these nails, I started with two coats of Sally Hansen's Whirlwind White (over a base coat, of course), and used China Glaze's Sunshine Pop (from the ElectroPop collection), Orly's Blue Collar, and Sally Hansen's Presto Pink (basically just looks like Pepto, but I'm sure tastes worse), as well as plate BM20 for stamping.

Without further ado... The end result:



Inside, no flash

Even though my stamping skills are terrible and I therefore lost parts of some images, I really like how these turned out! So much so that I want to try other variations of this look!

What do you think? Have you ever tried more than one color on a stamp?

Buenos días. =)

P.S. I watched the first two Ghostbusters movies for the first time ever over the weekend... Whoever said "you don't know what you're missing!" is a liar. -.- Made for great nap-inducing, though!... Just sayin'.

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