Friday, April 20, 2012

Furry Friday - Houdini

This brat is Houdini. We actually named him very appropriately. For instance, when he was a baby, we'd find him up on the bed in the middle of the night when it was way too high up and he was still too itty bitty  to climb up there. 

From there, he evolved into doing disappearing acts. Though not your typical "Hey, where's Tiger? I can't find him anywhere" and he's just well hidden. 

No. Mr. Houdini here will be inside when you leave and lock the door, then be in the driveway waiting when you get home, with no way to have gotten out. Or he'll be in the kitchen with you and you leave him there, sleeping on a chair. Alone, you make your way down the hall to go into the bedroom, and when you open the door, suddenly there he is curled up on the bed. 

Sometimes I'd swear there's either two of him or he has many out-of-body experiences or something!

I caught him during a yawn

Unexcitedly being petted by my nephew

Though he's pretty small, he is actually full grown. But that's okay, I like smaller kitties. They don't make my legs fall asleep when they're on my lap. ^.^

He got bored with the photo shoot after this one and went to tell Grandma on me

That's the mysterious Houdini. He's the cuddly, lovey-dovey one of my two cats. I don't know how he does half the stuff he does, but I wouldn't have him any other way! ^.^

P.S. Who else besides me absolutely HATES the new Blogger dashboard?!?! It is definitely NOT easier, like they claim!! -.-

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