Saturday, April 7, 2012

OPI's All Ears with 11 In"Spider"ed Shades

During the next two months, OPI will be releasing two new limited edition polish sets. The first one, in May, is based on Spider Man, and the second, in June, is inspired by Minnie Mouse.

Sadly, none of these polishes seem very exciting or original, though. That's terrible, considering I love blue polish and there is one in there. They're all pretty been-there-done-that. The only one that is slightly interesting appears to be a sparkly pink base with heart bits in it, and has already been done a hundred times in the NOPI line.

Although I don't plan on picking anything up from either of these, I'll let you decide for yourself if they're worth getting or not.

The Minnie Mouse set has four polishes. According to the OPI press release, they are a heart glitter confetti, a pink creme, a shimmery fuchsia, and a red frost:

Nothing Mousie Bout It

I'm All Ears

If You Must You Moust

The Color of Minnie

Although the press release doesn't describe the Spider Man colors, other than three of them (the new deep green shimmer shatter, the deep shimmering blue Into the Night and the metallic golden green Just Spotted the Lizard), these seven LE polishes are:

Shatter the Scales

Your Web or Mine

Into the Night

Call Me Gwenever

Just Spotted the Lizard

My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Number One Nemesis

Just Spotted the Lizard and Number One Nemesis are pretty, too, but, again, they've been done before.

If I did pick these up, it would be for the sole fact that they are limited edition. I'll wait until swatches come out, though.

What do you think? Are there any that you've already made a spot for in your collection?

Buenos días. =)

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