Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quince de Creatividad - Lotion Bars

This isn't one of my creations, but they're wonderful, wonderful! Lotion in the form of a bar - that's spectacular! I've only seen these from Koelzer, and they're really great!

They come in tons of different fun shapes, from a plain, manly hexagon to kitty faces and sunflowers, and you can get them scented or unscented. They're completely organic; made with shea butter, coconut oil, bee's wax and coco butter. They take a bit to absorb, but last forever!! The first one that I got at least a year ago is less than half gone!

They make lip balm, bar soap and foaming liquid soap, too that are all equally wonderful!

If you're looking for an awesome lotion, I highly recommend these! If for no other reason, it's a freakin bar of lotion, that's amazing! They make a great cuticle moisturizer, too!

Buenos días. =)

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