Friday, April 6, 2012

Zoya Promotion

Zoya currently has a semi-promotion going on. They have a new program called Share the Love.

They're asking that everyone share one of their posts on Facebook and if it gets 5,000 shares, then everyone with a Zoya account gets 200 free Share the Love points!!

What's Share the Love, you ask? Well, head on over here to the Zoya site and it explains it all. Create yourself a shiny new account (you get a free Zoya for doing so), and then when you share links to the Zoya site you have the ability to receive points towards tons of different discounts and coupons!

For instance, if you rack up 300 points, you get a Zoya coupon for $10 off. A mere 200 points earns you a free polish! With 400, you can get a free Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator. What's not to love about free when it comes to the polish world!?

So do it! Jump on the bandwagon and visit their Facebook page and join Share the Love!!
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