Monday, January 23, 2012

Las estrellas y la luna; ellas me dicen dónde voy

Desperado was on t.v. a couple of weeks ago. Is it sad not that my first thought was "ooohhh I love that movie, I am going to watch it (twice in a row)!", but that my second thought was "O.O I wanna do Desperado nails!!"? =P


This is the base that I started off with:

The base color on my thumb is Sally Hansen's Dune from the Smooth & Perfect collection. On my index finger is Kleancolor Neon Yellow, L.A. Colors Berry Red and Revlon's Pretty in Papaya. My middle finger is Dawn by Simply Irresistible, my ring finger is Nutra Nails Touch of  Color, and my pinkie is Kleancolor Neon Yellow.

I then began sponging yellow, orange and red over my index finger to create the explosion look (I finished it with two coats of Finger Paints Flashy from the special effects flakie collection):

I sponged Berry Red and dark purple (Plum Night by Revlon) in a circle on my ring finger for the bullet holes:

Everything else was done with acrylic paints in white, black, red, yellow, blue and green. =)

Books and a coffee cup

Firey explosion

My poor attempt at a guitar

Bullet wounds, my favorite of this design!

I realize that the movie does not take place in Spain, it's in Mexico. However, I thought the red and yellow of the Spanish flag would complement the explosion on my index finger. Plus, Antonio Banderas is from Andalucia, Spain, so it's okay. =) On the corner of my pinkie is another bullet hole/wound, and the big grey mess is supposed to be the illusion of a gun. =P
Inspiration pictures:
Picture from

Picture from Amazon

Why books (shh, we'll at least pretend they look like books, anyway) on my thumb? Salma Hayek's character, Carolina, owns a bookstore/cafe in the movie. =)


I really loved creating these nails! Plus, I have never seen Desperado nails anywhere! =)

Besides, combining two of my greatest loves/obsessions... I'm all for that!!! =D

If only I could paint like Robin Moses, I could have a real Banderas portrait on my nails! =P Except then I'd probably refuse to take it off until it wore off!

Last but not least, the source of the title of this post, the song from the title credits:

Soy un hombre muy honrado//Que me gusta lo mejor//A mujeres no me faltan//Ni al dinero, ni el amor

Jineteando en mi caballo//Por la sierra yo me voy//Las estrellas y la luna//Ellas me dicen donde voy

Ay, ay, ay, ay//Ay, ay mi amor//Ay mi morena//De mi corazón

Me gusta tocar la guitarra//Me gusta cantar el sol//Mariachi me acompana//Cuando canto mi canción

Me gusta tomar mis copas//Aguardiente es lo mejor//También el tequila blanco//Con su sal le da sabor

Ah that beautiful accent! <3 A friend of mine and I used to joke and say he could read me the phone book or dictionary and I'd still be happy! =P

Have you seen Desperado? If not, you're really missing out!! Personally, I think it is one of Antonio Banderas' best films!

Buenos días.  =)
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