Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8 Days of Smooth & Perfect Polish - Day 3 Linen

This one, so far, looks more pearly or frosty than the others, but it's no too terrible; it's sort of borderline. =D The shimmer is much more noticeable in this one!


Indirect sun

Inside, no flash

This is another one that, although sheer, will be great for Easter! This is 3 coats with one coat of top coat. 

Since they did most of the colors of the rainbow and there's a darker pink in the collection, I sort of wish they would have left this one out and done a yellow in its place. Yellow's look terrible on me, but at least, I feel, it would have been more complete. =)

What do you think of Linen? Too frosty for you?

Buenos días. 
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