Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Smoothicles Cuticles

I found this stuff at a local Crackle Barrel. It was around $7 or $8. 

I love moisturizers, especially cuticle moisturizers, so eh, why not, we'll give it a shot!

I was very intrigued, so I figured I would try it. It's nice to use, as you rub it, it goes from solid into an almost liquidy oily substance, and it smells really lemony yummy. =)

The only problem I have with this stuff is that it takes a century to absorb into your skin, so it's best for overnight use. It is definitely not an apply-and-go product.

After a few weeks of use, this salve has been a nice moisturize. I use it mainly on my cuticles, but my hands too if I'm wearing overnight gloves or something. It's not a miracle cure or anything like that, but I do feel I like I have been using hand lotion less lately, so I'll say it's a keeper! 

Have you tried any J.R. Watkins stuff? I have never heard of them until now, but considering my experience with their hand and cuticle salve, I think I would be willing you try something else from them. Their prices are a bit steep, though.

Buenos días. =)

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