Monday, January 2, 2012

8 Days of Smooth & Perfect Polish - Day 1 Sea

My hubby got me the new Smooth & Perfect polishes from Sally Hansen and I immediately had to swatch one! =D

I decided to start off with the green polish from this collection because I usually get along well with greens and I guess I was just feeling sea-ish. =P

After 4 coats, I gave up on opacity. The last two coats were pretty thick with quick-dry top coat in between.


Indirect sun



It got pretty thick, so I gave up. Next time I would definitely layer this over another color.

This was unique to my collection in that it was full of holes when I started to take it off...

I have never had a polish do this before! It didn't show through to the final coat, though.

One of the claims for this polish is that (although nails DON'T BREATHE) this is a special formula that allows 20% more oxygen to get to the nails. So I am assuming that is why it's so sheer and holey. =P

It is hard to detect, but although they look likes cremes, these polishes all have tiny shimmer to them that can almost make them look frosty or pearly in some lights, but the shimmer was hard to pick up in pictures.

Overall, I am happy with the Smooth & Perfect polishes so far. I just wish they were more opaque.

Have you tried any Smooth & Perfect's yet?

Buenos días. 
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