Thursday, January 19, 2012

Have you ever seen a tangerine peacock?

The tangerine that I showed you yesterday needed a little extra to prolong it's existence. 

I looked at my Sally Hansen greens, then back at my nails. Back at some teals and limes, back at my nails; and thought "peacock".

So I pulled out my Bundle Monster plates and got to work.

I used Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue to do the stamping, then dotted in the middles of the stamp with Thinking of Blue (dark blue), Fairy Teal (teal) and Grass Slipper (lime green). The pattern stamp is from plate BM 212 and the peacock is from plate BM 15.

I consider this one to be a fail because it turned out looking absolutely nothing like I had planned. I looked at my nails, imagined the stamp and other colors and it looked great. But it just didn't end up coordinating and looking how I imagined. I am thinking it's the orange background that I am having a problem with.

Anyway, I didn't do clean-up for these pictures because
a) I don't have any acetone with me, and
b) I won't be home until the evening and won't be able to get good shots before then and I plan on removing it tonight.
c) I just don't really care because the mess isn't that bad and it's not going to stay anyway. =)

So here 'tis. My peacock nails that definitely need some work:

I should have just left the tangerine alone.

Oh well. That's all for today.

Buenos días. =)

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