Friday, January 20, 2012

Furry Friday - Squeakers

Tired of seeing dogs on Furry Friday? Good! Me too! 

So today, this is my fat-fat, Squeakers.

Ms. Squeakers actually lived the first half of of her life as "Kitty Kitty" or "Baby" because we just never could find a name suitable for her. When she was a kitten, though, and even now, she squeaks instead of meowing. So she's Squeaks or Squeakers. After she had babies, I started calling her Momma, so that one is kind of the one that has just stuck. I think my mom and dad are the only two who actually call her by her name, anymore. =P

This is her "you stopped petting me, I am not amused" face.

We had her spayed, so she's getting huge, which is why I called her fat-fat. She doesn't seem to mind, though, as long as she gets her lovins and food (and a laundry basket to sleep in).
Squeaks as a baby:

She had such huge eyes when she was an itty bitty!

Hey! Pst! Why are you ignoooriiiiing meeeeee?!

Puss... In a boot! =)

My mom had this huge container that she kept cat food in and Squeaks was trying to eat out of the "cat-zilla bowl".

A couple of the babies she had:

He absolutely loved laying in purses and bags!

Sunny, who lives at my grandma's house now. He is HUGE compared to his momma!

That's all for this installment. 

Should the next one be a cat or dog post?

Buenos días. 

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