Friday, June 2, 2017

White & Mahogany Striped Nails featuring Konifer

Press Sample

Today's mani is inspired by a watch I received from Konifer to write about. I chose this striking white ceramic and red sandalwood watch because I really liked the bold contrast of the colors. To fit my blog, I did some simple nail art to go along with the watch, using Rica Whiteout and Zoya Cola for a simple chunky stripe design reverse of the watch's band.

According to the website, this watch in particular is said to be waterproof, scratch-resistant, one-size-fits-all, and hypoallergenic, etc.; however, I was unable to wear it so I cannot attest to these claims.

Unfortunately, just like the last time I was sent an item from another wood watch company to review, I've noticed a very low durability in these types of watches priced at $150 up to almost $300. As soon as I removed the watch from the box and flipped it over to unhinge the clasp so I could try it on, the entire link where the band is connected to the top of the watch fell apart. Regardless of a five-year warranty, I can't honestly say I'd purchase one of these watches on my own considering how easily they break.

So while it is a gorgeous piece, and I love the detail in the engravings around the face, the stones and wood background in the face, and the added ceramic to the side button, it is no longer functional.

Ultimately, I do appreciate Konifer's eco-friendly approach, though. They collaborate with WeForest to plant a tree with the sale of every watch, so that's a plus. Besides watches, they also offer sunglasses, belts, and rings that all look really cool!

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