Thursday, June 8, 2017

Textured Purple Sand Nails

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I'm all about the textured polish trend. I loved it when the Liquid Sands and Pixie Dusts first came out, and I love it still! So when I saw Born Pretty Store offers various colors of fine loose sand for nails, I jumped at getting to try it out!

I used Lilac Shimmer, a purple metallic from Blackheart Beauty as my base, and poured the sand directly on to wet polish.

I was fully impressed with this product! I excepted a rough sandpaper feel, but it was actually more of a nice, fine, sandy feel. Unfortunately, I did experience a lot of fallout by just rubbing my finger over the tops of my nails since the sand isn't actually mixed with a polish. For that reason, I didn't do a wear test on it but I feel like it would be pretty tough to remove.

Still awesome in my book, I am a fan of this stuff!

As always, if you'd like to use it, I have a 10% off BPS discount code:

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