Friday, June 16, 2017

Edge Perfection: Product Review

Press Sample

This morning I shared a fun marble mani I created inspired by a picture of wallpaper I found. I figured it would be perfect for testing out a liquid barrier product I received called Edge Perfection.

Just a quick little pictorial on how to use this stuff, then I'll get into the details:

I applied the Edge Perfection around my nails. I like to flood my cuticles with it (or any liquid peel product) to reduce cleanup and keep polish from actually going up into my cuticles.

Design at will, then simply peel the mess away!

I was really happy with the perfect peel I got with this product, even when using just a thin layer of it around my nails. It dried fast, so I didn't have to wait to get on to the nail art; by the time I'd finished applying it around my fifth nail, the first was set. The brush is nice and narrow to get into tight corners, while still offering a good area of coverage in one swipe, and it had a light, pleasant scent to it. It does contain latex, but didn't have a latex smell, it was almost perfumey. With most latex products I've tried, you can easily lose your grip on it and it'll snap back on top of your nail and ruin your hard work, I never got that looming feeling with this one; it had a great consistency, like it is durable and holds together really well but isn't so pliable that it is going to stretch for ages and never want to come off. For the $12 USD price point, I personally think that is a bit high, but it isn't far off from most other liquid latex products I've seen for sale, both mainstream and indie, so it is definitely a great contender! I have absolutely zero complaints, I loved this stuff and had no issues with it whatsoever! I already know this will become my go-to until I've used it up to the last drop instead of the regular latex body paint I normally use!

Thank you to Edge Perfection for letting me try your product out and post about it, it gets an A++ from me!

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