Saturday, June 3, 2017

Neon Green Smoky Nails with Fluorescent Powder

Press Sample/Affiliate Link

Well, I inadvertently created these nifty neat neon green smoky looking nails, but they were supposed to be solid, in-your-face GREEN AF! The sample nails for this stuff on the Born Pretty Store site look absolutely perfect, but clearly it didn't work so well for me.

I assumed it was like regular pigments for gel that need buffed onto a shiny surface, but absolutely no powder stuck, so I tried the tacky polish route and ended up with this uneven coating when I brushed away the excess. It looked kind of cool anyway, so I just added a couple coats of topcoat and kept it. An unfortunate side effect of this pigment  is that it gets everywhere! I'm talking I'd find random, tiny green smears of neon powder for days after I finished this mani and swore my hands and the counter I worked at where scrubbed spotless.

As always, feel free to use my BPS coupon code if you shop there!

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