Sunday, June 11, 2017

Little Black Dress: Spring 2017 Collection Swatches

Press Sample

Today I have this year's 7-piece spring collection from Little Black Dress Nail Lacquer to share. Courtne, the brilliant mind behind this mixological ingenuity, says she was inspired by the spring season while creating these "light and airy" iridescent colors.

Swatching these I found all seven polishes had pretty consistent formulas: thin but even, they applied easily, and dried very quickly down to a semi-matte finish. For the shifty colors (everything but the final orange polish) I found two coats looked good under my LED lights, but natural light says I should have used three. The finish isn't super streaky either, like with most shimmer-heavy polishes, and they're just frosty enough without having a full-on pearl finish that I like them.

First up, we'll talk about the most neutral-toned one of the batch.

This shade is a pale pinky beige with strong, silvery blue iridescence a sometimes a sort of peachy shift that matches my natural nail color perfectly and makes it look like there are bald spots in the polish (there aren't though). Discovering how quickly these dry, I was able to apply thicker coats with no worry.

This one is very similar to Renew, but more on the peachy orange side, with the same shift shimmer. It reminded me a lot of seashells, so I did a quickie 3D shell mani to go with it.

Tulip Blossom
This is one of my favorites from the whole collection! It pretty much just glows from the inside out, I love it! I could just stare at it all day. I opted for a shiny topcoat with this one to really help it pop! Inspired by my favorite spring flowers, it is no wonder I'm so enamored with this beauty!

Fresh Breeze
A blue-on-blue pastel with a striking blue shimmery, shifty iridescence. This one surprised me, I didn't like I'd like it, but I love blue polishes, and it would make a great sky background for some nail art! Again it has like same sort of shift that looks like bald patches in the polish at the right angle.

Spring Rain
This one is similar to the last, but more on the purple side, and it has a bit of a different finish to it. So far we've seen high-shimmer, shifters. Spring Rain has that same blue flash, plus it is packed with a fine silver shimmer. It is a beautiful spring-in-a-bottle color!

Mint Condition
This is another absolutely stunning combination of colors! It is such a pretty green with that bold, striking blue flash thrown on top. Be still, my heart!

April's Fool
Holy summer-in-a-bottle! I know orange isn't generally a popular nail color, but I just love this one! It is so bright, sparkly, and neon-y, like a big, melty, orange Popsicle sparkling in the sun!

Thank you to Courtne for sending me her polishes to try out and post about, fabulous job as always!

The spring collection polishes go for $7 USD each, and you can find them for sale here.

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