Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jigsaw Puzzle Nails: Nail Vinyl Experiment

Press Sample

For my final post using the What's Up Nails nail vinyls Nail Polish Canada sent me, I had what I thought was a brilliant idea, to create a design on top of the vinyls so it looks like an actual put together puzzle. So I laid the puzzle vinyls on my silicone mat, added my base color, and added a couple of simple designs to try out my theory. I then topcoated and put those decals over a black base.

So on one, I tried a plain ole blue and white cloud design, and a few dotted flowers on the other. Unfortunately when I removed the vinyls to leave the shaped voids in the polish, the designs pretty much got lost and were no longer really recognizable. I was really looking forward to having this cool puzzle mani, but alas, I moved on and went with a second, spontaneous idea.

Instead of making a designed puzzle, I thought using the puzzle shaped vinyl pieces as stickers might make for a cute mani, so I placed a bunch of them sporadically over Little Black Dress' April's Fool. Meh, my color combo choice, not so much, but these worked really well as stickers! They're nice and flexible so I didn't have any edges or bits sticking up after I topcoated.

I'll definitely have to revisit these vinyls and find some more ways to play with them, the puzzle design is really cute!

Of course thank you to Nail Polish Canada for sending me these vinyls to use, they're of great quality, I'm really liking them!

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