Monday, March 9, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Nature: Day 1 - Rainbow Watermarble feat. Dermelect

Kicking off the Digit-al Dozen Nature theme week, I did a floral water marble using a rainbow of Dermelect polishes!

I cheated on the theme a little, but I was trying to be creative and stretch it. Since this is what's considered a floral marble with the petals, I say it's nature enough to count! :)

The Dermelect polishes I used are:
Red - Power Trip
Pink - Moxie
Orange - Head Turner
Green - Renegade
Dark Blue - Phenom
Medium Blue - Fearless
Light Blue - Above It
Tan - So Superb
Brown - Ferosh

I swear these polishes just marbled themselves, they were absolutely fantastically perfect in the water!!

I ended up adding a matte topcoat so I have another round of pics with this mani matted.

The matte topcoat makes it more bold, you can see the design better without the shine of a regular topcoat, but it takes something away from the mani too, almost making it more dull/darker. I can't decided which way I like it better!

I did a water marble decal video tutorial to go along with this mani too!

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