Sunday, March 22, 2015

Firmoo Review

Today's post is non-nails. I don't stray from nail art often, but I want to share a company with you that I have purchased from before and was very pleased with.

Firmoo asked me to review a pair of their glasses, and I was more than happy to! My husband and I have both purchased our prescription glasses from them and have had zero issues with them. Neither of our prescriptions change often, so they lasted us both for a few years, and then were only replaced because of updated prescriptions. 

The pair I got for my review are a really cute black and white rectangle frame. They came in a nice, sturdy case, and sell for $36 USD on the website. That's a steal compared to what I would pay at the doctor's!

I've shopped glasses with this company for about four years now, and they will continue to be my source for glasses! I've never had any issues with their products, their shipping is pretty quick considering I get mine with a prescription, and they have nice customer service! Plus the options on their site are endless. You can have anti-glare films added, tints, etc. The glass is perfectly clear, and they are the same quality as any glasses I've ordered through a doctor.

They also have a promo going where new customers can get 50% off site-wide (click here to get your discount code).
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