Monday, March 3, 2014

Barielle Spring Velvets Collection 2014

With the start of a new week, I have a new polish collection to share with you!

This is Barielle's Spring Velvets collection for 2014. There are six polishes in it and I am showing them all without topcoat. They also have another six for the upcoming season and those are called the Spring Vibrants.

First up are the two one-coaters: Sexy Mood and A Little Exotic

Sexy Mood
The color of this one is really pretty. It is nice and smooth with great application and formula. It is a sort of muted, dusty, purpley fuchsia kind of color. This one only took one coat for opacity.

A Little Exotic
This one was also opaque in one coat. It too had a smooth, easy formula and application. The color of A Little Exotic is kind of hard to describe. It is a muted, dusty, almost rusty sort of light brickish, semi-coral color? I love it, though, it is beautiful!

Next, I have the two sheerest polishes of the group.

Cream 'n Sugar
This is the only one I would consider to be a jelly. It was very sheer. I've shown it first built up in an ombre effect. I have one coat on my index finger, two coats on my middle finger, three on the ring, and four on my pinky; an ombre of coat amounts. The last three pictures are at five coats on every nail. I really like the peachy color of this one, but I prefer it left more sheer as the base for a French tip mani.

Uptown Girl
Uptown Girl was also sheer, but I wouldn't call it a jelly, or even a crelly. It was just a little sheer and patchy at first, but not squishy. I've shown it, like the previous one, built up in the first picture, then at five coats on every finger. This and Cream 'n Sugar are very similar in color. This one is a bit more pastel, and slightly more yellowed than peachy, but still very creamy.

Next up:

My Tan Blazer
If you remember my Fuglies Need Love Too series, then you know I am a fan of the "ugly" greens like this one! Or as I so affectionately like to call them, poo polishes! ^.^ This one took two coats (first picture shows just one), and the formula was very smooth. It was great to apply; creamy and easy!

Finally, I have the only shimmer from the collection: My Week Away.

My Week Away
This one took two coats for full coverage (shown with just one coat in the first picture). It is a gorgeous light mauvey nude! It has an iridescent-looking green colored shimmer in it, but it is more evident in the bottle than on the nail. I had to snap an indirect sun shot to be able to even barely see the shimmer in it (last three pictures).

Overall, I think my favorites from this collection are My Tan Blazer (obviously), and A Little Exotic (not so obviously). I always love a good nude, but I've been nude-crazy lately and I think that phase may be calming down. I do still love nudes, but having had to look at snow for the last few months, I'm more than ready for brighter, cheery corals, aquas, and neons!!

Ultimately, these are all nice polishes. They each had their own shiny finish without topcoat (for some reason my light box drastically dulls glare so everything looks much less shiny). They all had flexible brushes, I had zero issues with pooling, application, or formula, and they are refreshing from the dark, dreary colors of winter!

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