Monday, March 10, 2014

Barielle Spring Vibrants Collection 2014

Today I bring you the second half of Barielle's new Spring polish line. These six are called the Spring Vibrants. I showed you the Spring Velvets last week, you can see those again here.

As always, I'll be showing these without topcoat so you can see the finish alone. 

Up first, the one-coaters: First Class Ticket and Designer Shoes.

First Class Ticket
This is a gorgeous sky blue, almost periwinkle, color and I love it! It was very smooth and shiny, with an average, easy-to-work-with consistency.

Designer Shoes
I'm uncertain about the name of this one. The press release for the collection and Barielle's website both call this one Designer Shoes, but my bottle is labeled "Designer's Shoe". So I am going to assume it is a label typo, but I'm not sure. Regardless, this polish was gorgeous in just one coat! It was very thin and easy to work with.

Next, the more neutral colored cremes from the collection: My City Apartment and Money Talks.

My City Apartment
This polish took two coats for complete coverage, and actually more like one and a half coats. The first was not patchy and was nearly opaque with just a teeny bit of vnl; so I did two. It was very smooth. This one also had a great consistency and the color is beautiful.

Money Talks
I needed three coats for this minty green stunner. The formula was a tad on the thicker side, but was manageable. It dried a bit faster than normal and had that semi-matte, somewhat rubbery finish. It tends to lean a bit blue, the first picture is the most color-accurate.

Last but not least, the two neons: Take Me Shopping and Fire Me Up. Much to my surprise, it was not a heinous act trying to photograph either of these as is typical with neons, so that thrills me! ^.^

Take Me Shopping
This one needed two coats and it dried fairly fast. The first coat was a little patchy, showing vnl, but the formula was thin and again easy to work with. I love the color of this one! It is almost a neon salmony coraly hot pink. It is a little difficult to describe, but I'm excited to use this one come summer nonetheless!

Fire Me Up
I've shown this one at three coats. You could definitely leave it at two, though, if you don't mind a smidgen of vnl. I half expected this to be a jelly because it looked pretty sheer when I initially pulled the brush out. I would call it a crelly though. It's first coat isn't sheer enough to be a jelly, but it still has the squishy, juicy feeling. This one dried on the quicker side but definitely had that jelly consistency - don't do too many brushstrokes or you'll start pulling it and making it patchy.

Another option is to wear this over white like I've done on my thumb in the picture below. It doesn't take away from that gorgeous, hot, hot orange color, but it does make it a tad brighter and lighter.

It was hard to pick a favorite from these six, but I think it is a tie between the neons. They are both just so lovely and make me even more ready for summer!

Overall, I love this collection! I didn't have any problems with the formulas, and they are all very pretty!

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