Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sammydress Review - Snowflake Pattern Leggings

I was contacted by recently to do a review. I have heard of them before, but this was my first time both working with them and trying any of their products.

I have heard some controversy about this company, but decided to try them out for myself so I have first-hand knowledge.

I figured clothing is kind of in the beauty category, so it is a theme that would loosely fit here.

The item I picked from them to review was this pair of leggings. There isn't an exact size for them on the website, just measurements, but I would say they are definitely a size small in USA sizes.

My first impression was that these are really cute! I love the color and pattern, and they were nice and soft!

When I put them on, I noticed they weren't very stretchy, and not nearly as stretchy as you would expect a pair of leggings to be. Plus, after a couple minutes of wearing them, there must have been small holes in them that expanded and wouldn't stop (similar to a run in pantyhose) as they were stretched and moved with my walking, bending, etc. because two large holes in the right leg appeared; one in the thigh area, and a slightly larger one right on my butt.

On top of that, though it doesn't bother me, they were definitely skin-tight, and were a bit shorter than I figured they would be. I am maybe five feet tall, and that's being generous. Still they came way above my ankles. They would be fine with boots, which is what I would wear them with, but since they were torn, I didn't get into my boots or put a whole outfit together.

These leggings are normally $16.59 USD on the website, but are currently on sale for $7.54. So even though I think these are really really cute and wish so much I could wear them, being that the price is pretty steep, and they ripped so easily, I cannot fairly recommend them. 

Considering some of the drama I have heard other people having with this company, I would say definitely research the product, sizes, and what others think of it before purchasing. I didn't have any issues with shipping. The rep who contacted me was nothing but courteous and the item arrived in just a couple of weeks. Unfortunately this particular product just did not work. Now I could try to patch them and wear them with a dress or something, but I would much rather just not wearing them holey. 

Have you tried anything from Sammydress? What do you think of them? Also, would you like for me to hold a Sammydress giveaway? The rep who contacted me mentioned one, so that may be in the works for the future if you're interested, but I am not 100% sure so don't hold me to it. We will see how things go in my collaborating with this company. :)
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