Thursday, March 6, 2014

Diamond Glitter Placement - Untriedicure #3

I saw a diamond glitter placement mani by knailart on Instagram and loved it so much that I had to recreate it!

I got fed up with this after doing 1.5 nails, and just brushed some glitter onto the others!

My bases for this mani, because I couldn't decide on just one are:
Index - Wet'n'Wild Megalast On a Trip
Middle - Wet'n'Wild Megalast I Need a Refresh-Mint
Ring - NYC Tudor City Teal
Pinky - NYC Lexington Lilac
and the glitter is from NOPI Be Awesome. I bought that polish specifically to do this mani. And it almost killed me to pay $8 retail for a NOPI! Haha! I so much prefer sales and clearance racks!

Side note: for being a full-price NOPI, this polish was less than impressive. The glitter density is awful, it takes a century to dry, the glitters aren't all the same shape and a lot of them are messed up (which is partly why I got frustrated with this mani with the glitters not lining up properly). If you want diamond glitters, don't be impatient like me. Go to Born Pretty Store and order some cheap.

Overall, I do like how this turned out, for the most part, though. If I do a glitter placement mani with Be Awesome again, I'll definitely be sticking them into clear coat instead of the colored base because that seemed to cover my glitters with the polish if I needed to move them around and made them a little messy in a few places. 

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