Sunday, March 2, 2014

Minnie Mouse Peel-able Polishes

I found these polishes at Walmart. They were only a few dollars a piece, but they were so cute I wanted to get them and try them out! I'm not necessarily a huge Minnie Mouse fan, but I love novelty polishes!

I did a Minnie mani using all of the polishes. Over yellow, the fuchsia, pink, and red all end up looking really similar unfortunately! But I still think it turned out pretty cute! ^.^

I added topcoat to my Minnie mani, but I didn't use it on any of my swatches. They all ended up with a somewhat rubbery-type finish. They are all water-based and will peel off without damaging your nails. They also all dry very fast, and they all dry darker than they look in the bottle!

First up is the pink polish. This one needed four coats to make everything smooth and even, but if I would have applied the first coats better, I could have gotten away with three opacity-wise. Sadly this one bubbled very easily, even if I did extremely thin coats, so I added the fourth coat to try and cover those bubbles some. I wish this one would have remained truer to it's bottle color, but it dried to a cherry red color, and isn't very distinguishable from the red one.

The next polish is a really pretty color. I think my bottle was half dried up, though, because it was very thick and chunky. Fortunately with these polishes, since they are water-based, if you need to thin them, all you have to do is add some water. I did so but it still left a pretty nasty, lumpy finish once the polish dried. So after the first picture, this one is shown with a coat (should have done two) of Seche Vite on top. The actual polish only needed two coats for opacity, but it photographed a tad too blue. It is actually a little more grapey.

Next up is the fuchsia polish. This one needed three thin coats. It was very smooth and easy to apply.

The blue polish is probably my favorite of the bunch color-wise. It is really pretty! The formula was a tad on the thicker side, and it needed three coats for opacity, but I love this one!

The red polish was also smooth and easy to apply. It was one of the sheerest ones, though; it needed four coats. This one dries to a cherry red color very similar to the pink.

Last but not least is the yellow polish. It was also a little on the thick side and sheer side. It needed four coats and had a pretty uneven finish.

Overall, considering the price and how cute these are, I like them! With topcoat, that is. For the most part, they're a little uneven without it. But the colors are nice and bright, and I love being able to just peel them off when I am done with the mani instead of having to mess with acetone! Some peel-off polishes (Piggy Paint specifically) won't come off with remover, only (and still barely) rubbing alcohol. So I do like that these will also remove with polish remover!

They had six similar polishes with Hello Kitty on top instead of Minnie, but I opted to leave those behind. They were pretty cute, but I don't like Hello Kitty. :)
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