Thursday, February 27, 2014

Zoya Mix 'n' Match: Raven, Skylar, and Tomoko - Untriedicure #1

I got out Zoya Tomoko because I haven't worn it yet. It is absolutely amazing! Like liquid diamonds. SO gorgeous! This is one I would definitely consider a must-have. Even if you don't like textured polishes, use a topcoat. The true beauty of this polish can only be fully seen in person!

Anyway, we all know that I'm allergic to wearing plain, one-color manis. So I grabbed a couple more from the Zoya shelf (Skylar also being an untried, and Raven), and just started doing random dotting and stripes. This is what I ended up with:

Having used two previously untried polishes in this mani, it sparked an idea. I have a lot of untried polishes, and I really need to start getting through them with greater effort. So I am going to start a sort of series. I won't have a schedule for posting manis in this series or anything, just whenever the mood hits me. But I am going to endeavor to start doing a few manis every now and then using all, or mostly, untried polishes and I'll keep them all under one tag.

Overall, I am not disappointed with this mani. I don't absolutely love it, either. I seem to always fall back to dots or simple, random stuff when I can't think of anything creative. So that's why this one is a mish mosh of designs. I do love these colors together, though! :)
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