Monday, February 3, 2014

Barielle Review - Intensive Hand Treatment Cream

Today's product review is of Barielle's Intensive Hand Treatment Cream.

The hand cream comes in a box with a pair of white gloves, and instructions on the back of the box.

To start off, this huge tub costs $20.00 USD on their website. And I have a feeling it is going to last quite a while because a little bit of this stuff goes a long way!

With this cream, I initially noticed that it absorbs very smoothly without leaving a lot of shine. It just has a very soft feeling and texture to it.

It has a tiny bit of a greasy feeling after you rub it in, but it is almost more of a velvety feeling than greasy. It is hard to describe. Like I said, it is very soft, and it makes my hands feel really nice!

The hand cream does seem to last and be effective even after hand washing, too!

The scent to this is light. It is almost a deep perfume-like scent but it's pleasant. 

(This is the mani I wore when I reviewed one of Barielle's polishes the other day seen here.)

I did notice that if you use a ton of this cream (like I tried overnight with gloves on), you can rub it in for quite a while and it doesn't all soak in. Instead, it starts to bead up and rub off. If you let it just sit there, it will soak in, though, for the most part. Which is why I say a little goes a long way, don't use too much!

When it comes to the gloves that came with this, all I can say is that I like the big opening they have at the wrist because you can easily slide your hand in without them rubbing your moisturizer off. 

The gloves are a little awkward, though. They are short and don't even cover my wrist hardly (and I have tiny hands), and the thumbs are really long. The other four fingers fit nicely, but the thumbs are at least an inch too long (sorry, I forgot to take a picture with them on).

They are made of a very lightweight, thin material, though, so I think they'd be nice for the summer when you want to moisturize your hands overnight, but not make them sweat.

Overall, I am really loving this hand cream! I have been using it on my cuticles, then all over my hands daily, and it has been doing a great job keeping me nice and moisturized! 

This product was sent for my review from Barielle. All opinions are entirely truthful and my own.
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