Monday, February 10, 2014

KKCenterHk Review - Stamper A27

Many moons ago... (Okay, it was in October of last year), I showed you this nifty 1-piece stamper I got from KKCenterHk. It is like the rubber part of a stamper with the images engraved into it, instead of a plate. (See here for a refresher. I also included a demo video showing how to use these stampers). Well, I have another one to show you today. This one is A27. It contains a footprint image, rainbows, a couple of Valentine's Day images, stars, and some floralesque stamps.

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, for my first mani with this stamper, I decided on a cutesy, lovey theme.

This mani was kind of messy. I had to stamp the heart image in two separate halves because the polish would dry too quickly in one side when I went to transfer it to my nail. The lip images also seemed to dry really fast and didn't always want to come off the stamper so well.

I figured maybe I was just a little out of practice and wanted to try all the other images too. So I grabbed a few colors and just placed them randomly all over (I accidentally smeared everything with my topcoat, but shhh).

They all transfer fairly well. The footprint image lost their toes every now and again, but I did notice that the quicker your work, the better they come out.

For being a $7.79 USD stamper, I would say only get this if you have the time to spend practicing with it. It is much more hit-and-miss than traditional stamping, and takes some practice figuring out how quick your polish dries, how quick you need to work, and things like that.

Overall, it is a decent stamper, though. I do love most of the images, and they are fun. But clearly I need to work with this some more!

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