Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zoya Paloma + China Glaze Whirled Away + Zoya Frida = One Big Jelly Sandwich

Let's see what sort of disaster I can create with these 3 beauties!

Over 4 coats of Paloma, I wanted to try out a polish from the Cirque du Soleil collection, so I added a coat of Whirled Away. The white hex pieces definitely took some fishing to get, but I love the look of this matte glitter topper!

According to Jamie, when glitter dabbing is required, it is half a coat, haha! So, I added more of Whirled Away to see what it would look like more dense with glitter, and this is 3.5 coats.

By now, I must sound like a broken record. I have a knack for ruining a good mani because I can't leave well enough alone. After 3.5 coats of glitter, I wasn't so fond of it. It was just a bit too much, so I figured I'd add another coat of Paloma on top and glitter sammie it.

I don't know what sort of outstanding magic I thought was going to happen, but obviously putting color over black glitter is going to do nothing. It did turn the white glitters pink, though...

Not too bad. But then I said to myself: Self, we've got Frida, too. Let's see if we really can screw this one up!

I'd left Paloma off my thumb, so on went Frida to all 5 fingers.

 One more coat of Frida...

Now it's a dark jelly with purple-ish two-toned glitter. Alright... Still not too shabby. But I always destroy glitter sandwiches and this isn't living up to that. How about we add a few more white hexes from Whirled Away, then dot each one with Paloma or Frida and see if we can add some more depth to this already 11.5 (I really don't know, I've lost count at this point, but I'm up to at least this many) coat goop!

Idk. I actually still kinda like it... Of course my nails are about 3 inches thick now, but ya know, whatever.

The black bits have pretty much disappeared and it has turned into a dark purple, hex-a-dotted, multi-toned,  murky thing full of squishy depth!
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