Friday, March 22, 2013

White Hearts on Brown - Wedding Nails

I wore Revlon Espresso for a wedding, but wanted to add something simple on top to make it a little cuter. What better type of nail art for a wedding than hearts?!

So I grabbed Zoya Adel and added small hearts to the corner of each nail.

Of course my topcoat bubbled like crazy for no reason, but it really didn't matter. Attention is paid to the bride, not a guest's nails, so I wasn't too worried about it, anyway. =P

A few days later, I was at Sephora, though, and did receive tons of compliments on them from the girls working there! ^.^

Now, I am not trying to sound conceded, but it is always nice to hear from strangers that your hard work looks good.

I got everything from:
"Did you do that yourself? No way!"
"Are those gel nails?"
"Do you do other people's nails, too?!"
"Oh those are so cute! Here, show (insert other worker girl's name here)!"

Honestly, my thought, after "Aww thank you! I love doing nails!", was but wait... that's not even a complicated design, you should see some of the other stuff I've done if you think that's impressive! I guess being part of the nail art community, some simple, cute hearts are pretty much nothing to me anymore. 

I'm used to seeing extravagant, crazy designs that take two hours on a regular basis! Apparently the rest of the world isn't on board with us! Ha!
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