Saturday, December 8, 2012

December Nail Art Challenge Week 2: Days 2-8

Day 2 - Flag nails
I used the stars of the American flag as my inspiration for these nails, and painted some white stars on top of a base of China Glaze Mega Bite. Not my best work, but I suppose it is alright.

Day 3 - Inspired by your country
Barbie is, or at least was a big deal when I was growing up. Barbie is a huge American icon, so that's what I chose as my inspiration for this day's nails. I started out with a pretty pink number from Piggy Paint, added a shimmery topcoat, and stamped with a girly design from Bundle Monster plate BM 307.

Day 4 - Flowers
This day's nails were somewhat inspired by Maria. She always paints such beautiful flowers! So, clad with only a dotting tool and some white acrylic paint, I decided to go for a simplistic floral look on top of Finger Paints Steal My Beating Art. Of course, her works are masterpieces, and my do not come close to comparing, but then I never wear floral nails, so this one is sort of out of my comfort zone!

Day 5 - Cartoon theme
I love the pink polish in the Silver Collection Migi set that I have been using a lot lately, so I knew I wanted to wear it, and settled on a simple Minnie Mouse-inspired look using it and the black and white pens. It seems like a fairly appropriate Minnie pink, I think! ^.^

Day 6 - Inspired by an animal
My animal nails were inspired by cats - leopards and tigers, specifically. I used all Migi duo pens in blue, yellow, and black for these nails.

Day 7 - Black and white nails
For black and white nails, I used NYC Black Lace Creme and Migi pens to make some sloppy dominos.

Day 8 - Polka Dots
I decided to go with a simple look for my polka dot nails. I started out with a base of Sinful Colors Blue by You and went dot-crazy with white acrylic paint. My camera battery? Still MIA! So the pictures didn't come out as good as they could have!  I may have to break down a get a new one! As soon as I do, though, the lost one will show up! That's always how it works!

That thing has seriously grown legs, or something! I've looked with the box it came in and all through that drawer, I even searched my dad's house from top to bottom, and gone through every single area that I keep polish supplies just in case it ended up there on accident. I have checked all of our electrical outlets at home, and even all of the ones at my dad's house. It is nowhere! Nada. Gone. Ido. Disappeared! I even checked my backpack, old purses, and my mom's house an hour away even though I've never taken my camera charger up there! It is actually getting a little irritating but is pretty amusing at the same time! =P

I think my favorite design from this week was the animal print one. What's yours?

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