Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Nail Art Challenge Week 5: Days 23-29

Day 23 - Inspired by fashion
I wanted to do some really rad nails inspired by a dress I saw for this day of the challenge, but completely ran out of time, unfortunately! Instead, I figured gradients are a big fashion in the nail world, so that is what I have for Day 23's challenge.

Day 24 - Birthday theme
Instead of doing nail art for today, I have an unnamed franken that I made ages ago that makes me think of birthday cake, icing, sweets, and just birthday parties in general. I included the second picture because it is just a tad more color-accurate. This polish is more of a hot pink, with sparse rainbow glitters and teeny blue ones. Opaque in two jelly-like coats - a glitter sandwich in a bottle, if you will.

Day 25 - Christmas theme
My "Christmas theme" nails aren't anything special. I picked up a couple of snowman polishes at Sally's Beauty Supply in November, and decided that I really loved the glitter topcoat on its own, rather than layered over another polish. It isn't extemely Christmasy, but the bottle is so adorable! ^.^
One coat

Three Coats

Day 26 - Water-marbled
I kept my franken from Day 24, and added a simple floral marble on top using China Glaze Concrete Catwalk and Zoya Madison.

Day 27 - Movie theme
Our local theater put on a production of A Christmas Story, so I tried out the taped tree look in inspiration. Although I am not entirely happy with how they turned out, that is okay.

Day 28 - Education theme
This is a good one... Are you ready? Brace yourself... I couldn't come up with anything for this challenge. Nothing at all came to mind. So instead, here is my lesson to "educate" you... Don't lose your camera's battery charger. Just don't do it. iPhone 4S's take great pictures (sometimes), but they are awful at capturing shimmery white beauties like Jessica Opal! I used an accent of Zoya Storm for these. :)

Day 29 - Money nails
These nails were an all-around fail for me! First, I created a gradient with Zoya Logan and China Glaze Mega Bite. I should have added topcoat and left it at that. But no, I had to add some ridiculous polka dots and ruin them! So I attempted a drag marble to try and make up for it. I used Mega Bite as the base and put Logan and Jessie's Girl Glee on top. The two darker colors completely took over the gold and it looked horrible. I decided to just give up on "money nails" and not go for a third attempt!

Don't forget to check out every else's creations for the challenges from this week! :)
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