Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sally Hansen - Sorbet

This is one of the polishes from their (not so) Smooth and Perfect line. I immediately fell in love with this entire collection when I first saw it in stores a few years ago, so my lovely hubby picked them all up for me for Christmas that year.

Unfortunately, I have always had a huge issue with them bubbling, regardless of how many chances I give them. Every time I decide to wear one, I have so much continuing hope for them because they are so pretty, and I somehow convince myself that if with each chance, I apply thinner and thinner coats and give each coat more and more time in between to dry, that just maybe it won't bubble. Alas, it never fails.

The polish will be 100% dry and beautiful for a few hours, then out of nowhere, bubbles appear all over, and for no reason! Still, I gave this one a shot again. I didn't use base or topcoat. I applied the polish as thin as I could, waited half an hour between coats, and only applied 3 of them. It stayed pretty for the pictures, but every nail had at least half a dozen bubbles by the next day!

Just as with my initial review of this polish, I still love it. It is really gorgeous. I just wish it would behave!

It does have a very subtle, barely noticeable shimmer in it, and is very patchy, but I didn't want to add more coats due to the awful tendency to bubble that it has. Regardless of application and formula, this is such a pretty color!
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