Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Nail Art Challenge Week 3: Days 9-15

Day 9 - Inspired by your location
I just recently finished an internship for school. The place I interned was a pregnancy clinic, where I helped with their PR-type stuff, like creating their newsletter and handling a fundraising campaign. That being one of my frequently visited locations for 3 months, I decided to do some baby-themed nails for Day 9's challenge and went with a simple layered mani in pink and blue, as those are the two typical "baby colors". I started with a base of Salon Perfect Pink Glow, added Lush Lacquer Mr. Bubble, and finished with tips in Kleancolor Neon Teal.

Day 10 - Inspired by a native plant
I couldn't really find a native plant that looks simple enough for me to paint, so I went with an earthy-toned dotticure instead, using Zoya Cola, Zoya Amber, Orly Coffee Break, Orly Prince Charmin, and Confetti Spicy Little Thing. :)

Day 11 - Tribal Print
I hated every minute of these nails. There's a reason I've never done tribal print. I don't like it, and it shows. I gave up on these halfway through, but rather than starting over to make them look good, I just lazily salvaged them somewhat and decided they were just going to be a fail, and that that was okay. I only did a "tribal" accent nail, since I'm not such a fan of said print, but I do absolutely love the base pink I used: Sinful Colors 24/7! It is even brighter in person and absolutely gorgeous!

Day 12 - Half Moons
I am not a half moon mani fan either. I've only done them a time or two, but I prefer the ruffian look instead. For the half moon day of the challenge, I was inspired by and made a failed attempt at recreating this design The Nailasaurus did, but used OPI Swimsuit... Nailed it! and Finger Paints Steal My Beating Art for mine.

Day 13 - Inspired by an artwork
For these nails, I was inspired by Jackson Pollock and his famous splatter artwork, except I used the Color Club Electro Candy neons and created a spun sugar mani. These are a disgusting mess and I love it! I couldn't stop! I just kept adding color after color, and when I ran out, mixed three new shades from the already-used six! I didn't even bother with a topcoat. It was way too thick in the end for all that buisness, plus I love the texture to it without!

Day 14 - Inspired by the supernatural
I put on Zoya Aurora to start these nails, but then decided it was so gorgeous I just didn't have the heart to cover it up! ^.^ I suppose I could come up with some bs excuse or story to explain some "supernatural" aspect in Aurora... but instead I'll just share its beauty:

Day 15 - Inspired by a book
The book I used as my inspiration for these nails is The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chybosky. In all honesty, I wasn't ready to remove Zoya Logan yet, so, instead, I just added to it for the challenge. Have I ever actually read the book? Nope! But a simple flower is a nail art I can do, and Logan is a great green base for something floral-ish. :) Plus, I haven't done a ruffian in quite a while, and I really love the ruffian look, so opted for a sort of run-on ruffian for the other nails. ^.^

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