Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Born Pretty Store Flocking Powder Review

This was my first shot at flocking powder nails, and instead of a full mani, I though black, furry, velvet tiger stripes on an orange background would be cute! I leaned some things that are in no way fault of the product. I did my pinky first and discovered that when using the powder, you have to leave a little extra playing room or it'll look squished in there and messy. So I did the stripes on my middle finger thinner and further apart. Having thin stripes, not as much of the product stuck so they weren't as velvety.

So I haven't quite found the happy medium with this stuff yet when it comes to nail art. The full-nail look is spectacular, though! This stuff is so fine that I didn't have any issues at all with bald spots or pieces being too large to stick to the polish! As with all flocking powder, it's not ideal to wear as a manicure for more than a few hours (for me anyway), but that's no fault of the company, that's flocking powder in general! I did, though, have the greatest few hours of petting my nails! Surprisingly that didn't make the powder rub off either! ^.^

The flocking powder I received from Born Pretty Store is huge! Enough for at least a dozen manicures or better! It is on their site for $5.80 USD, you can find it here and it comes in 14 different colors.

I also have a coupon code available for you to use. Enter ANL91 to get 10% off your order!

Also, if more than 10 people use the above coupon code at Born Pretty Store, they will sponsor a giveaway here for all of you! So get to shopping! :)

This product was sent to me for review. I did not receive any type of compensation, and all opinions are both entirely truthful and completely my own.
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