Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkeys

I originally had four whole paragraphs written up for this post... and they disappeared... -.- I could rewrite all that, but I really don't feel like it... So, long story short, I did turkeys as my Thanksgiving nails last year. You can seem them blinged out here, and here with Pure ICE Twinkle. I loved them so much then that I decided quite a while ago I wanted to do more this year. 

I started out with a gorgeous green polish from Finger Paints, 15 Minutes of Frame. I love Finger Paints' "theme" across their whole stock of giving most of their polish artsy names! ^.^

The turkeys' bodies are done with L.A. Girl Antique, and for everything else, I used a bunch of Migi duo nail art pens.

 I just love how my little turkeys turned out! I probably should have made the feathers behind them a little longer to be visible behind their heads, but that's okay, I am still pleased with how they turned out! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!
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