Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finger Paints - Steal My Beating Art

Steal My Beating Art is gorgeous in 1 thin coat but I did 2 because 1 left just a teeny amount of visible nail line that I wanted to cover. It applies beautifully and is super shiny all by itself, no assistance from topcoat needed!

This polish is a bit dark and has a little more purple in it than what my camera was able to capture. It leans a little more towards being a fuchsia.

I've been job hunting recently and have decided that I need to work at Sally's Beauty Supply. They're the only place I have seen Finger Paints for sale here, and I wish to own one of every color they have in stock (preferably with an employee or some other sort of discount, too)! Regardless of the fact I would never bring home a paycheck... That's totally okay. Pay me in polish, I am just fine with that! =P
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