Friday, November 2, 2012

OPI - Suzi & the 7 Düsseldorfs - Germany Collection

I recently received a set of the OPI Ger-Minis from OPInionated About OPI and, being my first ever OPI polishes, I must say I am definitely impressed. While purple is usually not my favorite polish color to wear, I figured I would start off with it. I tend to shy away from purples, often times because they are so hard to photograph color-accurately. So I was really surprised when the pictures of this one were spot-on!

This is two perfectly smooth and shiny coats of gorgeous grapeyness! It has a nice, glassy shine without any topcoat and applied really well; the brush was really easy to work with despite its teeny stature. My only complaint is that there are no names on the bottles. That was an easy fix, though. I just wrote the names out on paper and taped them to the bottles, so no big deal.

Do you have a favorite OPI polish? If I could ever find them for sale anywhere near me, I would definitely be more inclined to make more purchases from them!
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