Monday, November 12, 2012

Guest Post - Mosaic Nails with Nailed it NZ

Today I have a guest post for you, featuring some beautiful work from the lovely lady who runs Nailed it NZ! This is a design that has been on my to-do list for quite some time but I have never gotten around to it, so I am really happy Jessie is here to share it with us!

Hi everyone, I’m Jessie from Nailed it NZ! Amber’s very nice and letting me do a guest post for her. J
I decided to do a mosaic design – it’s my first one, and although I’d change a few things if I did it again, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I hope you like it too!

They’re pretty hard to see, but there’s a heart on the ring and thumb nails. I initially was going to do something like that on each finger but thought it might look a bit crowded – after all it’s a pretty busy pattern already!

It’s probably worth noting that this is all hand-painted, not that I have anything against stamping, but I like seeing what I can come up with.

To do this, I painted on the mosaic lines with my trusty Jordana striper polish – Black Mark. I then used three colours for each nail, and filled in all the gaps. Then I painted the lines again to make them a bit crisper. The hearts were the most annoying part – if I did it again I would probably just make them one colour.

These could be called either mosaic nails or stained glass windows nails, I think. This photo reminds me a lot more of the beautiful stained glass windows you can find in old churches.

And just as proof that I did do my right hand, here’s a picture of it. I can never put it in a natural pose when taking a photo! So please excuse the awkward photo!

And that’s it! Quite short and sweet for me, usually I blabber on about something completely non-related in my own posts :p.

Thanks again to Nails Like Lace for having me!

It's been an honor having Jessie! She does some really great nail art, so if you want to see more of her creations, visit her over at Nailed it NZ

Until next time, thanks so much for stopping by and everyone have a wonderful day!

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