Monday, September 3, 2012

NailsIT - PB&J Sandwich

I have another beautiful indie polish to share with you today that I got from NailsIT! This is PB&J Sandwich.

I really love all the peanut butter and jelly sandwich-inspired polishes out there! The idea and concept behind them, the look with the tan-colored glitters and jelly finish, I just love everything about them! And this one is no exception.

Of course, being a purple, it was a pain to photograph and I ended up only getting one good shot of it, but I loved wearing it nonetheless!

I wish I could have gotten better pictures! This doesn't show off its in-person beauty nearly as well as it could!

I didn't have to work to dig glitters out with this one. Application was great. I had no bubbling or streaking at all, and it had a fairly good dry time! I did use three coats with this one and I just love the depth to it! It did require a topcoat for added shine, but I had no issue at all with glitters lifting or peeling off or anything like that, which is always a plus! I'll definitely be wearing this one again!

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