Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zoya - Elodie

This is another one that was very difficult to photograph properly! Elodie and I definitely had some disagreements! Sun shots wash it out terribly, and shade shots try to make it too orange. This is a beautiful coral, almost-jelly polish and I love it!

Alas, we all know that I cannot leave well enough alone. I haven't tried the stringy, striped, "spun sugar" technique yet, so I grabbed Song and Apple and decided to give it a go on top!

I'm not sure if it was the color combination or how thick everything was once I applied topcoat, but I was definitely not a fan! Strangely, I love this type of design on everyone else when I see it, though!

P.S. Be prepared to get spammed with lots of new-baby pictures! I spent 12 hours yesterday morning and afternoon at the maternity ward but quit making progress for hours on end. They gave me the option of Pitocin to force labor to progress, but I'd prefer to avoid unnecessary meds. So I'm home waiting it out, but the doctor said I'd more-than-likely have her within the next 48 hours! So we'll see what happens!
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