Monday, September 24, 2012

Zoya - Song

Of course, I saved the best for last! The final polish from my Zoya BOGO order is Song. My pictures don't do it justice, but it is one stunning blue!

Song was kind of difficult to work with, though. The brush seemed a bit off and wouldn't make a good, round line at the cuticle. The polish was a tad on the thicker side and it ended up bubbling a little and being a bit too goopy to apply properly. I'm hoping a few drops of thinner will straighten it out, though!

Shade shots wouldn't pick up on the depth and shimmer very well, but the sun shots and my camera focus wouldn't place nice with one another. This is one you definitely have to see for yourself! I had to use my phone for the pictures, and while the iPhone 4 has a way better camera than any of the previous phones, it just wasn't cooperating. We recently moved, though, and I am always guilty of grabbing something little but important to pack, and saying "note to self, here is where I put this so don't forget", then I have no clue where it is for a few months. That's what happened to my camera's battery charger! :( Same thing happens to my flash/jump/travel drives at the end of every school semester when I'm not going to be needing them for a while, too! I don't know how many of those things I've bought!

That's that for today, thanks for stopping by! ^.^

P.S. Who else hates the new mandatory Blogger Dashboard as much as I do?! -.- Everything seems to load quite a bit faster, but it was perfectly fine the way it was before, and took me 6 months to get completely figured out as it was! 

P.P.S. With it getting cooler out, and sometimes being a little too chilly for sandals, I learned that the number one enemy of a fully term pregnant lady... is socks!! O.O The shoes are fine, I can leave them tied and just slip them on, but socks?! Five minute job alone! Especially when your husband likes to smash up his finger at work and can't help! =P
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