Friday, September 7, 2012

China Glaze's Some Like it Haute vs. Sally Hansen's Glitz Gal - a Comparison and Review of Dupes

I'll start out with my observations of these polishes. I have never really done a comparison, but I picked up the Sally Hansen (I'd bought it when it first came out and used it once then forgot about) and had a revelation that it looked just like a China Glaze that I won in a giveaway awhile back. So I dug out the ChG and just had to do a comparison of them to appease my own curiosity. They looked identical in the bottle, but it surprised me how identical they really are on the nail, too!

China Glaze's Some Like it Haute:
  • Slightly thicker, chunkier consistency, so it is a tad harder to work with, but nothing unbearable
  • Slightly larger grey glitters
  • More dense with holographic glitter
  • Better application near the cuticle, whereas the SH brush has longer bristles in the center and doesn't make as nice of a line

Sally Hansen's Glitz Gal:
  • Thinner, more even, level application
  • Slightly smoother finish
  • Dries a bit faster, but I think that is because it has a thinner formula

Both polishes, though, eat topcoat like crazy, but shine oh so beautifully in the sun! Both cover in two coats, and I used two coats of topcoat for these swatches.

Sally Hansen is on my first two fingers, China Glaze on my ring finger and pinkie:

Then I thought hmm, kinda like e.l.f.'s Metal Madness, only larger pieces. I figure'd I'd slap it on my free thumb nail to compare it, too.

Well, dear friends, I was mistaken. While the one-coat beauty from e.l.f. in the bottle is similar to these two polishes in that it is grey glitter with some holographic glitters mixed in, only smaller particles, it does not translate to the nail in the same way. Instead of being a mini-ish version, it has more of a metallic grey finish with barely noticeable, teeny bits of holo.

Overall, I do like both the larger pieces of dark grey/holo glitter polishes, and the e.l.f., but I couldn't hardly detect a difference between Some Like it Haute and Glitz Gal!

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